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This page is a mirror set up to provide alternative sources to download files that are hosted on C-GEN, but are currently unavailable due to server issues. We do not wish to infringe on any copyrights, and this mirror is provided with authorisation from C-GEN staff. All files provided here are property of their proper owners.

These files were uploaded manually. Be sure to check the respective project pages for newer versions.

These files are also downloadable from C-GEN's official mirror.

Project homepage File Size Checksums
Yuri's Revenge
Assault Mappacks
Assault Mappack 1 2 070 689 bytes (1.97 MB) crc32 md5
Assault Mappack 2 2 820 760 bytes (2.68 MB) crc32 md5
Cannis Rules: Balance of Power & Beyond Revenge Cannis Rules 1.8 6 932 800 bytes (6.61 MB) crc32 md5
Terrain Expansion Terrain Expansion 2.02a 8 515 876 bytes (8.12 MB) crc32 md5

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